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Upon submission of this support form, a thorough investigation of the incident will occur.  If an A+ Parking attendant is found to be negligent or at fault for the accident, our company policy is to allow the claimant to provide estimates from an approved body shop along with reasonable out of pocket expenses in advance of repair.  At that time, an amount and payee is agreed upon for reimbursement to settle the claim and avoid delay or further inconvenience.  We do not, as a practice, reimburse additional fees charged by third parties since rental companies and body shops specifically are notorious for add-on fees beyond our control.  When a claimant lives in the Memphis or Nashville area, we rely on body shops and rental car companies that we have a relationship with and are trustworthy and reasonable.  With out of town repairs, we compare the estimates with that of our local resources to determine that fair and adequate compensation is paid as a remedy.  Our policies are derived from industry best practices, as we are a member of both the International Parking Institute and the National Parking Association.

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